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2 in. thick bamboo plank-stair treads2" Bamboo Tread
(2" thick Plank)

1 in. thick bamboo plank-stair tread1" Bamboo Tread
(1" thick Plank)

1 in. thick strand bamboo plank-stair tread1" Strand Bamboo Tread
(1" thick Strand Plank)

bamboo stair treadsBamboo Tread
(Front Nose)

bamboo stair risersBamboo Riser
(5/8" thick Plank)

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Bamboo Handrails Warehouse Sale in 2021 Bamboo Floor Vents
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2" x 12" Bamboo Planks (Stair Treads + Table Top + Countertop)
2x12 bamboo planks
Vertical Caramel
bamboo stair treads
Vertical Nature
Horizontal Caramel
bamboo stair planks
Horizontal Nature
1" x 12" (Strand) Bamboo Planks (Stair Treads + Countertop + Table Top)
bamboo stairs
Vertical Caramel
bamboo stair treads
Vertical Nature
structure stair tread
Horizontal Caramel
2x12 bamboo stair plank
Horizontal Nature
1x12 strand stair treads
Strand Nature
Strand Caramel
Bamboo Stair Treads (Shelves + Closed case Stairway)
bamboo stair plank
Vertical Caramel
bamboo stair tread
Vertical Nature
2x12 bamboo stair tread
Horizontal Caramel
1x12 bamboo stair tread
Horizontal Nature
1x12 strand stair tread
Strand Nature
strand bamboo stair tread
Strand Caramel
Bamboo Dimensional Planks
bamboo plank
1x4 Horizontal Nature
bamboo board
1x4 Horizontal Caramel
bamboo lumber
1x4 Vertical Nature
bamboo molding
1x4 Vertical Caramel
bamboo plank
1x6 Horizontal Nature
bamboo board
1x6 Horizontal Caramel
bamboo lumber
1x6 Vertical Nature
bamboo molding
1x6 Vertical Caramel
bamboo plank
1x8 Vertical Caramel
bamboo stair riser
1x8 Vertical Nature
bamboo board
1x8 Horizontal Caramel
bamboo lumber
1x8 Horizontal Nature
strand planks
1x8 Strand Caramel
strand bamboo riser
1x8 Strand Nature
Bamboo Stair Projects
bamboo structure
Bamboo 2"x12" Treads
bamboo structure
Bamboo 2"x12"Treads
sports center
Bamboo 2"x12" Treads
Bamboo gallery
2"x12" Bamboo Planks
bamboo floor vent
Strand Caramel
bamboo floor register
Strand Nature
bamboo nosing
Bamboo Stair Treads
Bamboo stair treads
Bamboo Stairs
bamboo stair plank
Bamboo Stairs
Products Warranty
Four Winds carries not only a full line of bamboo flooring (Antique, Engineered, Handscraped, Strand Woven, Horizontal, Vertical, and Wide Plank), but also various bamboo building products to compliment your floor and the need of interior design.   4windsbamboo's bamboo building materials and products use the same styling as our bamboo flooring to allow for baseboards and staircases to seamlessly incorporate these products into an environmentally friendly room.   The molding of casing and baseboard enables to wrap around each door and window, as well as to place at the wallbase, for a green-built interior project.   They come pre-finished and unfinished. The unfinished is ready to be painted, stained or finished to your style!   For details about the molding, please visit Bamboo Molding

And the advantages of environmentally renewable bamboo continue...the High Density Strand Woven bamboo flooring is making waves in the building industry.   The hardness of strand woven bamboo flooring blows away the competition from Brazilian Redwood, Ipe and Jarrah, while the appearance of it shows an incredible rich color in either Nature or Caramel.   In addition, 4windsbamboo's handscraped antique bamboo flooring becomes one of the most irresistable bamboo floor in the flooring industry.   For your own benefit, please visit Bamboo Flooring

4windsbamboo will work with you on whatever your project may be.   We can advise on design, installation, product knowledge and potential uses, as well as order any sizes within the limit of the available length of bamboo strips!   Bamboo plywood will soon be one of the workable fine materials for furniture and cabinetry.   Click to view our projects using 4windsbamboo building materials and products in Showcase. Bamboo Showcase

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